Treatment Overview

Variety of Massage treatments available including hot stone treatments

Targeted relief for aching muscles and tired limbs

Stimulates circulation and promotes hydration

Relaxing treatment that promotes balance and relaxation

Treatment FAQ's

As a result of busy and demanding lifestyle, our bodies sometimes need a little extra help to restore balance and a feeling of wellbeing. We offer a range of massage treatments using luxurious oils, heated candle oils and hot stones. Following a consultation, your therapist can offer therapeutic massage techniques to effectively alleviate stress, ease tension and revive the senses. Massage treatments are available for men and women.

Treatment Gallery

Treatment Prices

A head to toe massage using heated lava stones that provide deeper penetration of heat, allowing stress and tension to melt away.

Our most popular treatment that begins with an brushing exfoliation to stimulate circulation, a relaxing back massage using heated aromatherapy oil, shea butter and hot stones to eliminate toxins, reduce muscle tension and procure a pleasant feeling of relaxation. A complete treatment to combat the harmful effects of stress and tiredness.

Relieve built up tension with this timeless classic treatment. Soothe away strains and aches in a relaxing setting.

This full body treatment eases away muscle tension and soothes muscle fatigue.

A treatment to combat tired, heavy legs. This treatment combines manual draining massage techniques and a stimulating exfoliation to promote circulation and ease muscle tension.

Designed to release stress and tension, promote relaxation, ease neck problems and soothe sinus and headache trouble.

This holistic treatment can help reduce sinus problems caused by colds, flu or hayfever, soothes migraines, help reduce buzzing in the ears and promotes balance and relaxation.