Treatment Overview

Lycon Strip Wax and Lycon Hot Wax Available

Made from a special blend of the very best natural and organic raw materials

Remove hair as short as 2mm

Gentle and kind to the skin

Leaves the skin soft, silky and hair free

Treatment FAQ's

Both waxes are natural, organic and kind to the skin. For large areas and if hair is long enough, we recommend any Lycon strip wax which can remove hair as short as 2mm. If the hair is short and brittle, we recommend any Lycon hot waxor which can remove hair as short as 1mm. Lycon Hot wax is also particularly effective in removing facial hair and for bikini hair removal treatments.

Avoid hot showers or baths, saunas for at least 24 hours

Avoid perfumed moiturisers or products

We recommend only using mineral make-up following a waxing on a facial area

Avoid tight clothing to minimise irritation following treatment, particularly advanced bikini line waxing.

Our therapists are pleased to offer the following bikini waxing treatment options:

Standard bikini – removes hair from outside of the knicker-line.

Californian – removes hair from outside of the G-String line.

Brazilian – removes all of the hair from underneath and leaves only a strip, or triangle of hair in front.

Hollywood – all hair is removed.

For your comfort during intimate waxing treatments, we always disposable paper knickers for you to change in to if you wish. A towel is also provided to enable is to cover parts of your intimate area while waxing.

We certainly do! Our expert therapists are pleased to offer back, chest and eyebrow waxing treatments specifically for gents. Unfortunately, we do not offer male intimate waxing.

Treatment Gallery

Treatment PRICES

Lycon Hot Waxing

Lycon Bikini Standard – £16.00

Lycon Bikini Californian – £24.00

Lycon Bikini Brazilian – £32.00

Lycon Bikini Hollywood – £39.00

Lycon Underarm – £14.00

Lycon Upperlip – £10.00

Lycon Chin – £10.00

Lycon Upperlip & Chin – £15.00

Lycon Strip Waxing

Full leg £27.00

3/4 leg – £20.00

1/2 leg – £16.00

Underarms – £10.00

Forearms – £15.00

Full Arms – £20.00


Chest – £20.00

Shoulders – £15.00

Back – £20.00