Treatment Overview

A popular treatment to enhance eyelashes using a 3 step process

Includes a tinting treatment to define eyelashes

Ideal and low-maintenance alternative to make up

Results lasts six to eight weeks

Treatments suitable for ladies and gents

Treatment FAQ's

LVL Lashes is an exciting new technique that gives you longer, fuller looking lashes to your own natural eyelashes without the use of extensions, creating a wide eyed, younger and more glamorous look. LVL lashes have caused a storm in the beauty world with celebs and make-up artists adding this to their beauty regime. This treatment is done on your own lashes, (no false lashes or extensions) and is designed to give your own lashes a lift by curling and lifting at the same time and with the added colour boost youll get a beautiful open eye effect. It is one of the essential treatments chosen by many celebrity make-up artists which gives that stunning wide-eyed look to your natural lash.

LVL Lash treatment is suitable for most people, both men and women. A patch test is required 24- 48 hours prior to treatment to ensure no allergic reaction.

The treatment itself is very relaxing. You are required to lie down and close your eyes for 45mins. When you next open your eyes, you will have long natural curved beautiful lashes.

For the first 24hr don’t wet your eyelashes

No mascara can be worn for 24 hours as the lashes are still settling into their new shape

Don’t flatten them while sleeping

Try not keep touching or rubbing them

No heat treatments for 24 hours

Keep combing them upwards

Use recommended daily serum

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Treatment Prices

£50 per treatment