Lynda Bryans Testimonial

You’ve discovered my secret!

OK, maybe part of it is genes, a relatively healthy lifestyle and good moisturiser, but a big part of my key to looking good is thanks to Denise Beck and her staff at the little oasis of calm that is Medi-Cosmetic. I’ve been a regular customer for years.

Whether it’s a de-stressing hot stone therapy treatment or a jet peel which painlessly delivers an instantly radiant complexion, dozens of women like me (some of whom you will also know!) count Medi-Cosmetic as important as their six month check up at the dentist.

Rolling back the years has never been easier or more accessible – an appointment with the highly skilled practitioners will convince you of that. Never had Botox? For a few minutes of ‘nippyness’ as he likes to put it (injection with a very, very fine needle) you’ll get months of compliments: “You’re looking really well”… “Have you been away?” In short, your friends will see that you’re looking ‘fresher’ – something’s different – but they probably won’t be able to pinpoint exactly what it is.

Believe me, Medi-Cosmetic is one of those hidden gems that you want to share with all your friends but don’t tell too many people – I mean, a girl’s got to have some secrets!

Lynda Bryans