Your secret is safe! – Confidential Ultherapy treatments in Belfast

Your secret is safe! – Confidential Ultherapy treatments in Belfast.

A lot of our clients, for one reason or another, don’t want anyone to know they are having aesthetic treatments. As with many treatments, most do no have the time to hide away whilst the healing process takes its time to reveal the results.

I find clients who choose Medi-Cosmetic do so because they do not want the “done look” and are looking for a natural looking outcome. After much research, the demand encouraged me to introduce Ultherapy, an FDA approved and EU certified ultrasound treatment which is a celebrity favourite with over one million treatments carried out worldwide. The results are impressive.

Ultherapy delivers ultrasound energy into the muscle layer and deep dermis without damage to the skin, to tighten loose skin whilst stimulating natural collagen and elastin. And as it is a gradual tightening, your friends and colleagues just cant work out what you have had done. No needles, no toxins, no downtime, just a natural, younger looking you. Your secret remains safe!


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