Treatment Overview

Clinically proven injectable treatment to diminish red veins on the leg area.

Medical treatment administered by Doctors and Nurses.

Minimally invasive treatment with minimal downtime.

A 45 minute procedure with effective results.

Treatment FAQ's

Sclerotherapy is an established treatment for the removal of unsightly thread veins on the leg area. The exact cause of red veins is unknown but several factors such as weight, injury to the legs, prolonged periods of standing, hormonal influence and of course the all-important gene pool is believed to predispose some of us more than others to thread veins.

A consultation will be carried out with one of our Doctors to assess suitability for treatment. During the treatment, a solution of sclerosing agent is injected through a very fine needle into the thread vein. This causes the walls of the thread veins collapse and generally fade over a period of 2-6 weeks.

There may be some redness or a nettle sting appearance at the treatment site which usually subsides in 24 hours of the treatment. More than one treatment may be required. Following the treatment, we recommend that compression hosiery be worn for 1 week after the treatment to obtain optimum results.

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Treatment PRICES

Red Vein Removal Treatment – Leg Area £195